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Open Bounties

Bounties are only paid upon completion to standards at the discretion of the development team. Please contact the development team on Discord prior to starting work. If there are multiple bidders, it is possible to collaborate and split the bounty.

VertDocs bounties can be claimed by opening a new pull request on the VertDocs Github page with at least one change in it, declaring the section you are working on. From that point you will have seven days to provide a final draft for the section before the pull request will be closed, and the section will be opened for other submissions.


Value: 0.01 VTC per word


In order to populate VertDocs with informational content for users, we will be assigning various unwritten sections with bounties for completion. The bounty available and description of the desired content will be written under each heading with unwritten content.

If you plan to work on a page, please create an issue on the Github page and add a `work in progress" label. Pages in progress with no commits for 1 week will be removed.

Claimed Bounties

Bitcore/Insight Port - 500 VTC
P2Pool/Vertcoin Core Node Scanner - 150 VTC