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Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are devices that operate a secure self-contained bitcoin wallet on special-purpose hardware. They are operated via USB with a desktop web browser or via near-field-communication (NFC) on a mobile device. By handling all bitcoin-related operations on the specialized hardware, these wallets are considered very secure and suitable for storing large amounts of bitcoin.[1]


Currently the only Hardware Wallet that supports Vertcoin is Ledger. Ledger has included detailed instructions to accompany their hardware wallet found here, the wallet interface managed via Google Chrome apps. Similar to other wallets, Ledger requires you write down a 24 word seed phrase and safeguard in the event that you lose or damage the device.

Seed Phrase

Make sure you purchase your Ledger from a trusted retailer. People have had their funds stolen due to using pre-generated seed phrases that came with it from unauthorized resellers. If you believe your device may have been tampered with, or if it comes with a pre-generated seed phrase, reset the device in order to generate a new private key and seed phrase before sending any funds.


Trezor is another Hardware wallet popular in the Bitcoin community, but it does not yet support Vertcoin. Vertcoin support is part of the current roadmap for Vertcoin and steps to integrate have been taken.


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