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Vertcoin Paper Wallets

A paper wallet is an offline wallet that can be created to store vertcoin. Once created, you can send coins to the public address associated with your wallet for offline storage. Paper wallets are perfect for gifting small amounts to friends and family.

Getting Started

Generator Description Wallet generator created by the Vertcoin team. Supports bulk wallet creation and passphrase protected wallets Wallet generator for multiple currencies, including Vertcoin

To create a paper wallet, simply visit one of the above sites and move your mouse around to create your random key. It will generate an address and corresponding private key for you.

Next, print out the generated wallet, send funds to the address, and keep it in a safe place.


Make sure to never show anyone the private key section of your paper wallet, as this can allow them to access your funds.


If you want to be 100% certain that no one is stealing your private keys during generation, you may download the or repositories from GitHub and open either's main html file in your browser to create your keys completely offline.

While paper wallets are cool for easily giving Vertcoin to friends and family, it is not recommended that they be used to store large amounts of coin. If you are looking for a more secure offline storage of coins, you should invest in a Hardware Wallet.

Sending Funds

To send coins from your paper wallet, you need to import the private key into a desktop wallet such as Core or Electrum.